oh, look! another sista!

Hey, everyone! It’s Emma 👋 (You might know me better by the nickname Princess M.) I’ve been added to the Life Without A Latte team and I’m super excited to share with you guys!

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Here’s a little bit about me:

My aesthetic ❤

My aesthetic in three words:




My taste in music 🙂

Top 3 artists in past six months:

•One Direction

•Harry Styles

•Maisie Peters

(I can’t recomend all the songs from these artists. I pick and choose the clean ones.)

Three hobbies I enjoy:


•Art Journaling

•Writing short stories and little bits of prose

What kind of posts to expect from me:

•Outfit inspiration 😉


•Art journal inspiration

•Posts for highschoolers (Anna and Pearl are old now)

•Some DIYs

•In conclusion pure aesthetic 😀

Today’s Q: What are your favorite singers? What kind of things should I post? I’m new so you have to talk to me, k?


the great comeback…

Hiii we are alive and well and busy and BACK! Here is an update with our life highlights since we disappeared!

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4 ways to support your friend during illness // guest post

Illness is a very very real tough thing that is all around us. I know that I, at least, have a hard time knowing what to say or how to show support, and can get shy and awkward around my friends with illness when really all I want in the whole world is to help them and love them through it.

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