the great comeback…

Hiii we are alive and well and busy and BACK! Here is an update with our life highlights since we disappeared!

Pearl – Had an awesome Mexican-food birthday date with de parents. Hung out with friends (the hair-doing train we had going was something else!) ❤ And spent way too much time at our favorite coffee shop!!

Anna – Started Fall classes, went on a rollercoaster for my first time with the best guy gang, and played sooo much guitar (started learning over zoom during quarantine!). Also got lost in a corn maze…

Pearl – Loved the Latte mug Mikayla sent us! Cute doggo pic, just because. And lots of new art projects!

Anna – Attended my second Challenge Collective murder mystery but as one of the main characters! Setting up with the ridiculously hilarious and talented crew/actors… and learning choreography to original songs by the most fantastic writer/director boi in the history of ever. Staying in character the entire night along with my mob boss family (second pic).

Pearl – Got my first ever art prints and ran a huge sale over on my art Instagram @pearlevangelineart ! 😁 And of course Christmas happened which was awesomeee!

Anna – Stole my dad’s big comfy sweater, learned to swing dance with my cute partner, and hosted a Christmas party for the CC Bible study group & discipleship girls I lead!

Pearl – Painted clouds on a denim jacket. We went to a lake and met William Duckspeare. I got to paint there some too. 😍

Anna – Was asked to continue as a leader for the Spring semester, and I finally got glasses!! Be gone headaches! Usher in the reign of nerd!

Pearl – Volunteered with a group of friends at Feed My Starving Children and had a blast! I also got my first Dexcom CGM (continuous glucose monitor) which has been making my chronic illness so much more manageable!!

Anna – Randomly decided late one night to take a daytrip with two older sibs, and it was the best ever. Then my bestie and I dressed up fancy to go to dinner!

Pearl – Got a bike!! Night time rides are the BEST. Assisted in a Ramen emergency with Dad and the sisters. And had the best time with my small group girls. We watched “A Map of Tiny Perfect Things”. ❤

Anna – Got a campus job again YAY, sniffed flowers with my favorite goof, and explored Home Depot with my lil sistas and Dad instead of writing my essay hehe. Plus… climbed a tree since the first time in forever.

Yep, we’ve been crazy busy and #blessed. 😛 But we’ve definitely missed this blog and all 300 of you wonderful humans, so HELLO again! This summer promises some pretty fun things, and we hope to post, chill and vlog style, during them, as well as a few content-filled posts like our usual. 😉

What have y’all been up to?

Today’s Q: do you like Churros?


10 thoughts on “the great comeback…

  1. Ahh, this post was just perfect. ❤ I loved reading about what y'all havee been up to!!
    I've been doing a lot of work (The pandemic was great for the babysitting business), going to the zoo with my family, and doing a lot of picnics in our yard, because why not? =)


  2. Heyo!!! Welcome back!

    Alas, food allergies! I can’t have churros *sad face* But, they smell good!

    Ooo, Anna I love your glasses! Super cute! And congrats on your art prints, Pearl; they look amazing!

    “Plus… climbed a tree since the first time in forever.” *Frozen song instantly starts playing in my head!* Wow, you look pretty high up; unfortunately, I have a slight fear of heights XD

    I’ve heard of A Map of Tiny Perfect Things; is it good? Did you like it? And what’s Challenge Collective? Is it your college group?

    Uh, let’s see… *glances at calendar to see what I’ve been up to…* My younger sister and I have started a blog for homeschooled kids; I write the stories and my sister does the art. Thus far, blogging has been a bit of a learning curve, but I think we’ve gotten the hang of it *stares in confusion at all the wordpress notifications* XD But seriously, it’s been fun and challenging in a good way! We’ve been learning to play to each of our strengths.

    Anywho! It’s so great to hear from you guys! So glad you’ve had a blessed year! 🙂

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  3. YAYYYY you’re back!!!! After a long while, it’s so nice to hear that you have returned!! Can’t wait to see what posts you do this summer! Blessing,

    ~Amber (p.s. you probably have never heard from me before, but my name is Amber and your blog is the first I ever followed! And Now I have my own blog. Thanks for always being so an encouraging and uplifting! ❤️)


  4. ayyyy peranna drop! what a happy occasion and cause for celebration!

    over here on the east coast has been a wild period of moving, online school, late night conversations over coffee, weird car accidents, and sneaking into abandoned mills, so fun times for all. 🙂 it is seriously so good to hear from you both, y’know? congrats with the job and the murder mystery thing anna– i’m jealous, it looks *so* good. and ahh pearl those polaroids are beautiful and spark so much joy ❤

    anyway the answer to your question: only in festive situations, the way they were designed


  5. Ahhh yay I’m so glad you’re back! I love recap/highlight posts like this. Looks like you had a ton of fun. ❤ Also I love "The Map of Tiny Perfect Things"! Such a good movie.


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