2020 vlog

Time for a quick vlog to catch up and share a little about our plans for 2020!

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adorable sock snowman DIY // guest post

Do you want to build a snowman?

Today our guest Brooklyne has a super cute winter craft for us! A DIY sock snowman!

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October – Today // life things

The two sisters behind this blog actually do things in real life… aka here are the reasons our posts are far and few between recently. lol

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15 (fun) things to do when you’re sick

Cold season is here and so is the sickness!! And we both had it for weeks.

Being sick is no fun, amen? Lying in bed for HOURS with nothing to do is boring, right? Here is our list of sick-day fun hacks!

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12 DIY ways to stay COOL in summer

Anna, Rosy, and I are doing a summer collab. Even though summer is nearly over (YAY fall!), we wanted to share our summer ideas with you.

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