Day 2: easy high bun

Good morning this gorgeous autumn Tuesday, gals! ❤ Anna here, with the second style of our hairstyle challenge week… 

I can NOT make a bun stay up on my head. It sags and slides down my head no matter what I do. Like, it’s almost laughable but not quite. But this one actually truly works!!!


This is one of my absolute go-to hairdos! Whenever I’m tired of having my hair falling in my face during school or house chores, I just grab a ponytail holder (who else permanently has one on your wrist??) and throw it all into a high bun. It’s sooo fast and easy.

Funny thing… it always turns out different and crazier than the last one! XD But no prob– a few bobby pins can tame it. 😉


Learn This Style:

The following video shows how to do today’s style the way I do it!

Or do the bun with clips like this lady does…


My hair is about short-sleeve-length with long layers. But if you have shortish hair (or if you have layers like me), simply form the bun lower and use bobby pins to keep ends from sticking out at random angles.

(Note to self: don’t ever EVER try to curl my bangs again! *hides* They turned into fuzz.)


A high bun can be kinda boring so…

A bow for vintage, ribbon for playful, or flowers for spring– get creative with embellishing it! I used a strip of lacey fabric I found in some craft stuff.


I kept this high bun in for the whole day, and it was great. I never had to think about my hair again after I put it up that morning! You should do it in your hair and lemme know how it goes! 🙂


36 thoughts on “Day 2: easy high bun

  1. This is like, always my go-to style!! I feel like about 90% of the time my hair is in a bun… well, lately I’ve been getting better and it’s down to abut 80%, but still!! XD You look so cute with your hair like that! (well, u 2 look cute all the time) ❤

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    1. Hey that’s great, Hannah! High five for hair-in-buns! 😉 Though yes, it’s fun to mix up styles more. 😀
      Wut. AW! you’re sweet!!! *hides*

      Do you have any ways you like to spruce up/decorate a bun to make it unique?

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  2. So, I’m not the ONLY one to keep a ponytail holder on my wrist 😀 It’s a permanent accessory — and since the only ones the work in my hair are the braided ones (the three single holders braided into one), it actually looks like it’s supposed to be there. I’ve been asked many a time what the significance is of that bracelet I wear all the time 😀

    BUT I only wear them on my wrist because I am famous for loosing them. Like, seriously, I can take it off and lay it down and turn around and it’s just missing. Which is bad, when I can only find these things up north — in Meijer’s, which starts in Kentucky. And since I am waaay farther south…..I hafta stock up when we visit with family up there =P

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    1. haha You are very much not the only one!! I always always have a ponytail holder on my wrist, sometimes multiple ones!
      Wow, those kind sound super excellent! Crazy you have to stock up on them, but they must be absolutely worth it. 🙂 And way cool they look like a steampunk bracelet almost. 😉 ❤
      Thanks for commenting, Kaitlyn!

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  3. Well, I tried the first lady’s bun, but it didn’t work out very well!! I’m going to try it another day though. Hopefully it’ll work!! It’s a really cute hairstyle! 🙂

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    1. Aw you should try anyway, this one is pretty forgiving. 😉 Maybe Day 3’s style (which is posted now! yay!) would work better for your hair type? Lemme know how it goes, Miri! 🙂 ❤

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