Day 3: braided half-pollyanna

Hey people!! Happy Wednesday! Thank ya’ll for your coolness, interacting on our Day 1 and Day 2 styles!!

I enjoy wearing half ups, pollyannas, twists, and the like while having the rest of my hair down. For Day 3 I did a variation, this super simple & cute braided half-pollyanna.

5 fast easy hairstyles

It’s become one of those styles I can throw together in a whirlwind, and it at least appears to be a more purposeful, ahem, mess. 😉

Plus it stayed in all day– through heat, driving with van windows down, a walk with the sibs, and a hike up Mount Everest. (Okay not that last one, but you get the idea.)

night-time walk… say “cheesy”!


If your hair is shorter, medium, long; if it is curly, straight, or wavy… this braided half-pollyanna should work on pretty much anyone! Lemme know if you try it out!

Learn This Style:

It’s really very simple.

  1. Just take some hair from the front of your head near the part. (shown below, left)
  2. Braid two or three small braids, angling them toward the back of your head as you braid.  (no need to end them with rubber bands)
  3. Bobby pin (bobby pins are ma friends ❤ ) the braids beside each other a few inches above your ear. (shown below, right)
  4. Unbraid the braids below the bobby pins so the hair blends back in.



How I Did My Curls: The night before doing the hairstyle, I tied my hair up into double buns with some old tshirt strips, then sprinkled water on the buns.

That is the face of tired lol

When I untied them in the morning– CURLS! And all I had to do was sleep. 😛

What is your hair texture? Are you trying this in your hair today?

(Just so ya know, we’re a little behind on replying to all your lovely comments, but we’re working on it, I promise!! 😀 )


10 thoughts on “Day 3: braided half-pollyanna

    1. High five for half-ups!! I love how many variations there are, and it’s especially fun to experiment combining half-up styles or making up my own. ❤
      Aww thanks! You should try the curls. They'd be pretty in your hair!
      Ooh I agree that nighttime walks are the best!! Especially with sibs and singing with them (aka unintentionally caroling neighbors 😛 ) and talking about weirrd things… lol It was totally fun!!


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