we sang a JJ Heller song // “Hand to Hold” cover

Our whole family loves to sing together, and us younger girls were playing around with one of our favorite songs when our brother decided to film it!

We are so not professionals lol but harmonizing together is something we enjoy doing around the house. There’s almost always a song (or two!) being passed around from room to room!

If one person gets something stuck in their head, we all soon have it stuck in our heads. XD This is rather detrimental when it comes to such tunes as “Never Gonna Give You Up” or “This Is the Song That Never Ends”…

but often worship songs fill the air! And it’s awesome.

Here’s a fun video of Anna, Pearl, Princess M, and Bee as we cover JJ Heller’s “Hand to Hold”. We hope it blesses you this weekend. ❤

(We rewrote a few lines to change it from a mother’s lullaby to more of just a friend-blessing.)

“May you never lose the wonder in your soul

May you always have a blanket for the cold

May the living light inside you be the compass as you go

May you know you always have my hand to hold”


why do we sign off our joint posts with “PerAnna”? find out here!


37 thoughts on “we sang a JJ Heller song // “Hand to Hold” cover

  1. Awwww absolutely beautiful girls! Wonderful voices! I love this so much aghhh its so sweet! Haha that’s how it is at our house, one person starts singing a song and then everyone else is singing it the rest of the day! 😂 Much love! – Hailey 💕😉

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