stay connected with your friends in 10 unique ways

Avoiding homework, Anna set a funny filter and started filming tips for keeping in touch with friends long-distance. Here’s the end result!

  1. Start a Prayer Chain
  2. Binge Netflix together
  3. Buddy-read a book
  4. Write a committee story
  5. Direct their make-up over video call
  6. Share a comforting playlist
  7. Paint your fingernails the same color
  8. Act out corny scripts over a video call
  9. Play the phone game “Psych”
  10. Keep daily thankfulness journals in pocket planners

Here’s another fun idea to do for your local friends… door-bell ditch some flowers or a spa basket!

Tell me YOUR ideas in the comments!


10 thoughts on “stay connected with your friends in 10 unique ways

  1. Great list! A group of us got together and drove around the driveway of a friend to say “hi!” the other day. Yes, we hung outta windows, and yes, we waved like crazy, and yes, we decorated the cars πŸ˜€ She was diagnosed with stomach cancer at the beginning of all this craziness, and *needed* the support, without the contact. I REALLY wanted to just give her a big hug, though =) I may have to borrow some of these . . .

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