make your own Polaroid photo wall // DIY

My bedroom desperately needed an aesthetic facelift.

Here’s how I made my own Polaroid photo wall for under $5!

I share a room with my two older sisters, so the wall by my bed has always been a bit of a sacred “mine only” space. πŸ˜‰

Let’s just say it has gone through different phases…

One night I stayed awake randomly imagining my dream room makeover. It would be very aesthetically pleasing with neutrals and a pop of color here and there. Yellow, mm yes yellow– the color of sunshine, bees, and happy things!

But most of all everything would have to be DIY or CHEAP.

(b’cuz I’m just a teen working part-time to pay my way through college, y’all!)

Here’s how that went! πŸ˜€

Somehow I knew exactly what I wanted to put on my wall, but Pearl and I have a cool pinterest board of inspo for anyone who is not quite so decisive. πŸ˜›

My wall needed strings of fairy lights with Polaroid/Instax camera style photos clipped to them! I knew I wanted small yellow flowers sprinkled around too.

My sisters gave me a set of perfect, sparkly fairy lights for my birthday! Yay! But…

I don’t have a camera like that. They are expensive. lol I do have access to printing pictures on photo paper, free to me!

So I set out to DIY this dream.

How to DIY a Polaroid Photo Wall

Using the free version of Canva, begin an “Instagram Post”


Select the template “Girl with red hair slang quotes”


Click on the photo and change the filter to “street”


Click on the text and type your caption (my font is “special elite”)


Click on each block of background color and change it to white


Insert your picture by first uploading it to Canva. Drag it over the current photo until yours replaces it, then drop.


Hit the “copy page” button for more with the same settings

Make a selection of your favorite memories into cool vintage-looking photos. I also did some nature photos and quotes I love!

Download your photos as png or jpg files, open a Google Doc, and insert the photos as the size you prefer

Change the document background to a light grey so the edges of your photos are visible

Print your pages on photo paper! (or Walmart printing is frugal)

Cut around the white borders to free your pictures, then hang them on your fairy lights! (lights are inexpensive at Walmart)

Here is my finished photo wall! I adore the black and white memories and sparkly lights and fake yellow flowers I added later!

Make this same idea unique by:

  1. bending the fairy lights into a heart first
  2. hanging your photos on rustic twine
  3. gluing them to a big initial from a craft store
  4. taping them in a square inside an empty picture frame


Share your ideas and thoughts in the comments; I’d love to chat. πŸ™‚

Make someone laugh today and–



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