adorable sock snowman DIY // guest post

Do you want to build a snowman?

Today our guest Brooklyne has a super cute winter craft for us! A DIY sock snowman!

IMG_7933 2Big thanks to Brooklyne @Showers of Blessings for sharing how to make these! 😍 She did an amazing job!

Visit her blog here. 👈

Brooklyne: Hello everyone! I am thrilled to have been asked to put this tutorial together for y’all! This DIY craft is super fun to make and fun for really all ages. I first came across a Pinterest pin and after seeing this snowman adorableness, I knew I had to make these with the kids I babysit. They loved the craft!

This tutorial is all about how to make your own DIY Sock Snowman!

Step One: Collect your supplies 
What you need to make a snowman is the following:
  • Rice (since it is a filler for the snowman, I found the cheapest white rice I could find…)
  • Dry Polyester Packing Fiber Fill (You can find this in the craft/sewing section. It is essentially what you would stuff a pillow with, only we are stuffing the snowman’s head. XD)
  • Glue Gun (Note: Be careful with it, because if that hot glue gets on you, it can burn pretty bad. Maybe not let younger kids be in charge of the glue gun…)
  • Measuring Cups (To fill the snowman.)
  • Children’s White Socks (The size of sock you use, will determine the snowman’s size.)
  • Fine Hair Elastics (Get the fine, clear ones so you can’t see them on your snowman.)
  • Pom Pom’s (I got a pack with different sizes and different colors.)
  • Mini Buttons (I already had these on hand, but you could probably find them at any craft store, or regular sized buttons would work too!)
  • Mini Wiggle Eyes (These just give the snowman such a fun little character!)
  • Ribbon (For the scarf…)
  • Black and Orange felt (for the “carrot” nose and mouth.)
Step Two: Fill a sock with 1 cup of rice
This step can be messy as the rice doesn’t corporate well. I did this set outside so I didn’t get rice everywhere. I used a smaller measuring scoop to transfer the rice from the measuring cup, I found this worked best. The rice is a good filler because it is weighted and helps the snowman stand upright.
Step Three: Tie off the rice layer
After your sock is filled with the right amount of rice, (depending on your sock size, you may have to add more or less rice) then you will use a elastic to tie off the rice, creating your first snowman bump. 🙂
Step Four: Fill the snowman head
Next, you will need to take a handful of Fiber Fill and fill the sock’s next layer to make the snowman head. I used this fiber fill because it is light and will stay on top of the rice well. After you fill the head, you will then need to tie it off again using the elastic rubber band.
Step Five: Your sock is starting to resemble a snowman!
To make the little snowman hat, you simply fold over the ankle of the sock to resemble a winter hat! No glue needed for this step.
Step Six: Characterize your snowman 
This is the fun part! Pick out your snowman’s hat pom pom, eyes, cut out nose and mouth (using the orange and black felt), buttons, and scarf!
Once you have everything laid out to characterize your little snowman, the next step is to glue it all on.
Step Seven: Give your snowman a home
And there you have it! Your snowman is a cute as ever!
A sock snowman makes a perfect gift! Or a cute little writing buddy if you display it on your desk. Have fun naming your snowman, and even making a whole family of them! But most of all, have fun with it!
Wow. Isn’t it the cutest??! (Thank you so much, Brooklyne, for this tutorial!)
Tell us– are you going to make a DIY sock snowman this winter?
Oh and a very late but very Merry Christmas to one and all! 🙂

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