life things (October – Today)

The two sisters behind this blog actually do things in real life… aka here are the reasons our posts are far and few between recently. lol

Hi there! Let’s catch up! Tell us in the comments what you’ve been up to. Are you excited for this Christmas season?

We both had our birthdays this summer and are older now.

Let’s see…

then there was Inktober which Pearl 100% rocked.

Anna got a job at our campus library. She loves it but is also excited about this break between semesters. 😉

Most of our fam joined the church choir. It is challenging but really fun! Especially these recent Christmas arrangements…


Pearl and Princess M got their ears pierced! They recently got to switch out their earrings to tiny star studs.

We did a camp called “Camp Grammy” for our nephews. Such darlings. 

A darling lost dog became our choir mascot for one practice before we could find Choo-Choo’s owners. 

The WEATHER has been absolutely amazing! From sunshine to rain to hail– it’s crazy! Doesn’t the hail look like snow? SO dreamy!

Thanksgiving happened…

Kate, Anna, and Pearl are childcare workers for MOPS and a sweet family gave us thank-you gift cards, making for a fun sibling coffee run!

We got a Christmas tree, did the advent reading at church, and made Christmas cards! ❤

Paul, Anna, and Pearl tried ice skating for the first time and it was a total blast.

And eaarly this morning our whole family went to serve the community at a produce sale our church hosts!


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20 thoughts on “life things (October – Today)

  1. Wow, y’all have been up to a lot of things these past few months! Fun busyness is what I like to call it! And Pearl, you make me laugh because of the serious expression on your face when you were getting your ears pierced. 😀

    Liked by 2 people

  2. okay you girls are the literal best and like
    why must you make me smile i have finals you’re not allowed to make me smile
    ❤ thank you for this slice of life
    it feels so homey and just
    gah it's wonderful you're wonderful

    Liked by 2 people

    1. That’s funny life is so similar for us right now! XD I love MOPs! ❤ What age group do you work with?
      yikes, thanks! I'm honored that you loved it 😯😁


      1. I wish we had age groups, lol!! My brother and I are the only nursery workers for the local MOPs group so we have non-walking babies up to five-year-olds all in the same room. 🙃 It’s chaotic sometimes but one little guy is super attached to me and answers to me when I call him a Navy SEAL, so that makes it fun. 😍

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