12 DIY ways to stay COOL in summer

Anna, Rosy, and I are doing a summer collab. Even though summer is nearly over (YAY fall!), we wanted to share our summer ideas with you.

Check out Rosy’s and Anna’s posts, and give them a follow if you haven’t already!!

Anna is doing a post called 3 Summer Reads, and Rosy is sharing 6 Things to Do Before Summer Ends!

And I have 12 DIY ways to stay cool in summer, 😎 so let’s get started.



#1 Summer-style updos are a perfect way to keep your hair up and off your neck for less warmth. Throw your hair into a high, messy bun or try one of the two styles below. I added a few flowers for summer vibes.

Untitled design (5)

Find the tutorial for doing this simple, adorable double bun twist here. It’s perfect for medium to shorter length hair and worked fine with layers!

Untitled design (3)

Find the tutorial for this super fun twisted top knot here. 

Untitled design (2)
goofing around while hair-stylin’

#2 Flip-flops from the dollar store would be a smart move. Even though they’ll probably break within the week, these flip-flops keep your feet cooler during water play, traveling, and day-to-day life. And they only cost $1. 😉 There are so many ways on Pinterest to decorate them!

#3 Modest swim clothes can be very hard to find at affordable prices (amen?!! 😁).

But at the beginning of this summer, Anna and I were able to get swim clothes that we liked from local thrift stores, Walmart, and Fry’s!

I bought my swim halter-top from a thrift store, and Anna got her swim top on sale at Fry’s. Once we had the swim shirt or one-piece we liked, we got $5 swim trunks from Walmart and voila!

(note: mens/boys swim trunks tend to be longer)

Untitled design (6)

Tip: Put your hair into a french braid before swimming. This is my go-to because it keeps the hair out of my face and is easy to do!

#4 Google recipes for fruit pops, and you’ll come up with a million results! I loved making new flavors of popsicles with my little sister this summer!

A few flavor ideas are:

frozen fruit juice pops (orange, grape, lemonade)

root beer float pops

fudge pops

fruit and yogurt pops

There are so many variations. Cold and yummy! 😀

#5 Yogurt freezies are another summer favorite at our house. Mix honey yogurt and a few drops of vanilla extract in a plastic tupperware, then freeze plain or with toppings! (btw, the bottom one is strawberries, not a pizza, as my sister pointed out xD)

yogurt freezies!

#6 Water wars are great for cooling down on blazing hot days! Play “capture the flag” with water guns and water balloons! We’ve used pallets and cardboard box forts as obstacles. Another idea is to play sharks & minnows or hide & seek; if a player gets hit with any water, they’ve been tagged!

Get creative and adapt regular outdoor games to involve water. 🙂

#7 Pack a picnic lunch and take a day trip to a lake in your state! If you don’t have boats, many lakes have the option of renting them. Research the lake first, and have fun!

Untitled design

#8 Travel smarter! There are a few things you can do to help driving with no AC be a little more bearable (we speak from experience XD). Bring an ice chest full of ice packs passengers can hold…


#9 Drink Slurpees! These cold drinks we get from gasoline stations aren’t the healthiest but sure cool a person down fast!

Untitled design (1)

#10 Refrigerate a spray bottle of water and keep it handy. It sounds funny but, honestly, just a few squirts of cool water can cool you down SO much. (Besides starting some fun spray bottle and ice cube wars. 😉)

#11 White sheets spread on car seats will absorb less heat. No more burned fingers from the seat-belts!

#12 Make a DIY cooling neck scarf! You just need basic sewing supplies, fabric, and polymer water beads. A cooling scarf would make a great gift as well!

I want to try this out now! 😁 (wow, I adore the fabric she used!)

That’s it, guys!

How do you stay cool when it’s hot? What’s your fave of the summer hairstyles?



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3 Summer Reads by Anna, and 6 Things to Do Before Summer Ends by Rosy!







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15 thoughts on “12 DIY ways to stay COOL in summer

  1. Thanks for the cool (pun intended 😀 ) ideas! I didn’t watch the hair tutorials, but I was inspired by the pictures and did something fun with my hair today. 🙂 My siblings like making fruit juice homemade popsicles- yum!! And the yogurt freezies sound AWESOME!! Anyway, thanks (again) so much for the ideas! 🙂

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  2. Y’ALL MAKE ROOT BEER POPSICLES!!! Nobody does that!! I thought we were the only ones. 🙃 And YES amen to the expensive modest swim clothes! Mine is pieced together from thrift stores and Walmart or Target and waterproof stuff we’ve had forever…quite the hodge podge! 😂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hehe . . . we have no AC in cars either. Never thought about freezie packs!! Or spray bottles . . . that would have made summer SO much more bearable!! And white sheets — brilliant!! Actually, we didn’t have any AC in the house (we hadn’t, for 12 years) until early this summer, so yes, lots of freezable treats, and we would wet washcloths and freeze those. Alabama in the summer with no AC is miserable 😀

    We sew our own swim clothes — but fabric can be expensive!! We discovered that the thrift store has nice women’s skirts and athletic shirts that can be sewn together. Paired with a pair of athletic leggings, they work wonders in the water!!! I never thought of men’s swim trunks . . . that’s an idea I might borrow for next year 😀

    Now, pardon me while I go spread white sheets all over our car seats . . . =P

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