an end-of-summer vlog 🌞

We made it through most of the summer and haven’t melted yet! To wrap up this season we wanted to share this vlog of our “Blessings From Summer” with y’all. 🙂

Thank you for tagging us, Annie!! We super enjoyed looking back at the ways God gave us an enjoyable summer and realizing we have so much to be thankful for!

Midweek Inspiration from Olaf and Sven | Oh My Disney | Awww


And here are our answers. Enjoy!

We Tag…

Cassia, because we love your lifestyle posts!

Amie, because you’re such a cool funny person

Hannah, because we’d love to hear about your summer

Megan, because your posts are aesthetic and fun

And ANYONE else who wants to do this. 😀

(find your tag guidelines in the first comment below!)


What is one thing you were blessed to do this summer?Untitled





why do we sign off our joint posts with “PerAnna”? find out here!

9 thoughts on “an end-of-summer vlog 🌞

  1. Here are the rules:

    *Please thank the person who tagged you!

    *Please include these rules on your blog!

    *If it is past the summer, for example: Winter 2019, you can use this tag as “Blessings from Winter 2019 Tag!”

    *Write 10+ blessings from God during that season in your post! Include pictures!

    *Tag 4 bloggers!

    *If it’s a new season, bloggers can re-tag those who were already tagged a previous season! (So if this tag circulates, instead of potentially dying off, we can keep it going by using it again each season. Like, if a blog friend of yours doesn’t get around to doing it till mid-fall, they can re-tag you to do it again for Fall 2020!)

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  2. This was so fun to watch!! I loved hearing about your blessings from this summer and watching the little video clips! It sounds like you had a very blessed summer.❤️ And you are SO WELCOME FOR THE TAG! You girls are so sweet!

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  3. This is such an awesome post!!! You guys seem like such a cool family and I really want to meet you all!!! I like writing and singing too! Maybe we’ll have to come to the convention you guys were talking about. 🙂
    BTW, whoever is wearing the writer shirt in the video (sorry, I can’t keep your names straight!)… what does the shirt say? Haha.

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