I buy my shoes at Walmart?!!

Shoes are SOOO expensive, even on sale at someplace like Famous Footwear… Here’s how I get cute, durable, and comfy shoes for a super cheap price!

I needed shoes.

I would be on my feet for three days straight at a homeschool convention, so they’d have to be comfortable and durable.

I didn’t have money for shoes.

So with a doubtful heart, I looked in Walmart.Β And scored cute red tennies for just $3!


That was a year ago and finding myself in the same dilemma for this 2019 homeschool convention, I ran to Walmart again to grab a new pair! They’re white canvas with nice squishy insoles and only cost $6.

But then I accidentally turned them grey and smudgy in one afternoon! *groan*

My mom is a brilliant person, and she ran them in the clothes washer, hanging them out to dry. I was pretty sure they’d fall apart. Walmart shoes, right?! But it actually worked!!

Tip: put your shoes inside a pillowcase and tie it shut to keep them safer

I can now happily wear both my white tennies and my old (now practically new looking!) red tennies!!

GenRisingAuthors @ AFHE 2019
selling books with friends at the AZ state homeschool convention ^^

I encourage you to plunge into your nearest Walmart and search for a pair of cheap shoes. They might actually have something good quality!

What’s your favorite kind of shoe?







P.S. I made a quick vlog about this… (plz excuse the weird pool hair and shakey cam XD)

35 thoughts on “I buy my shoes at Walmart?!!

  1. That’s really cool Anna! We usually get our shoes from thrift stores and they last forever, but I might have to try out Walmart! I’m excited to read about the convention. So glad you guys were able to go and have some fun. And I realy enjoyed watching the video.

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    1. Thrift store shoes are the best!! They are already tried and true, ya know?! But yes look around Walmart too, they’ve got some surprisingly cute stuff. πŸ˜€
      Thanks, you, the convention was amAZing. ❀
      Aw glad! I'm an awkward aardvark but it was fun to make sooo whatevs. lol

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  2. Oh yay!!! Somebody else who buys cute stuff at Walmart! πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‹β€οΈ I just got some of mine thereπŸ’• Walmart and thrift stores are our main go-to’s, unless some other clothing store has a good sale or something.
    Looks like y’all had a blast!!😊❀️

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    1. yEs It iS
      also I got my fave ever pair of brown combat boots at a thrift store and they were a little bit beat up but it only made them cuter.
      Also, thanks tons for this comment, Jo. πŸ˜€

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  3. Yay for Walmart! Lol. Seriously, I get almost the exact same shoes as you got, except they are demin colored. πŸ™‚ They are super cute, and they go with like EVERYTHING. XD Loved the vlog. ❀
    p.s. I'm going to wash my walmart shoes now that I know I can, lol! πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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  4. For my sisters wedding we needed gray flats . . . we bought them all at Walmart, for $5/pair! Score for that one! My brothers needed shoes, desperately, and we found tennis shoes clearanced there for $5 — they had been $40. And the thrift store is a great place! The problem for me is that I tend to be rather hard on shoes =/ There’s nothing like taking a step and leaving part of your shoe behind in a public place *insert embarrassed grin*

    I generally just wear my boots — I bought them on sale at our western wear shop about 7 years ago =) In summer, or for dressier occasions (not that I’ve never worn my boots to church or weddings, ’cause I totally have . . . ) I tend to like the yoga type sandal the best — the ones with the jersey straps. They’ve lasted the longest for me and are super comfy — I literally bought all my summer flip flops at our local Cato’s three winters ago, when they were clearanced. I *think* I spent $3/pair. And then my grandparents up north found a sale on the same type shoe at a store up there and managed to snag a few pairs in different colours for $1!

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    1. Hey that’s awesome!! Sounds like you guys were good at pulling off a frugal wedding! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚
      HAHA I’ve totally done that!!! I feel you xD

      Hooray for practical boots that last foreeever!! Woah those sound comfy, smart to stock up on them. πŸ˜‰


  5. Walmart is the best! They have a lot things for pretty inexpensive. For my 8th grade graduation (it was in June), we found a pretty pair of wedges for like $10! That’s way better than DSW!

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