how to have a frugal painting party!

Armed with $store canvases and acrylic paint, we turned up some music and experimented with painting for the first time! Princess M and I had so much fun painting together (and for SO little money), we thought it would be fun as a frugal party!

Do you paint? Honestly, I’d never seriously done it before this last week. I’ve always liked to draw, so I was really excited to try out painting!!

Turns out, it is WAY too much fun! Especially because I got to do it with my sis!! ❀

2019-02-18 (1)

After grabbing a few art canvases from the dollar store, we set up our station! We layed out scrap paper on our dining table, gathered bottles of paint we found in Mom’s crafting stash, and turned on some music!

Tip: Buy your supplies at the dollar store and Walmart for the cheapest prices.

We bought the canvases and brushes from the dollar store, though we ended up using our fingers too. πŸ˜‰ We already had some acrylic paint, but the prices at Walmart are less than a dollar so that’s a good option.

Everything worked great for us. Not the best quality, for sure, but it really didn’t affect our projects!

Using my fingers and mixing a black, white, grey-sparkly, and brown paint on the canvas, I played with the swirly look until I liked it! It made a perfect backdrop. πŸ™‚

Next, I googled how to draw musical notes and traced them right onto the canvas with a pencil, following that main white swoop of paint. Then with a fine paintbrush (and sometimes a toothpick), I blacked them in with paint!

good2go (1)

the finished products ^^

I love M’s painting (a painting of painting! πŸ˜€ ). The paint-splatters are terribly cute and LOOK AT THAT BRUSH, GUYS!! ❀

Mine is a musical storm or a space-y song… Which do you guys think it is? (tell me in the comments!!)

It was such a blast doing this together!

Throw A Painting Party!

Princess M and I had such fun painting together and for so little money, we thought it would be fun as a frugal party!

Throwing a painting party would be a good way to celebrate things! An art-lover’s birthday, with a book of handprints & names of each guest. A fun group activity with your co-op or college group, with a self-portrait contest! Or a fun, just-because thing for a rainy day! (I would be happy to come πŸ˜› )

For artsy desserts at your party make white frosted sugar cookies, fill icing bags with every color imaginable, and have a “paint”-your-own-cookie bar! XD

good (1)
mugshot! lol Our painting-buddies’ blue dots


An extra way to make a party even more fun is to give it a theme! Recently, our older siblings were invited to a “Bob Ross painting event” their college group planned as a community-building group activity.

The guys who organized the event bought cheap paint, a small canvas, and a tiny easel for each artist.

Tip: Squeeze a dot of each paint color onto plates for every person’s painting space.

Buy at least one canvas for each person; a few extra would be smart in case of major, messy spills! And the acrylic paint at Walmart costs so little you could buy a bottle of every color for variety. πŸ™‚

They played aΒ Bob Ross instruction videoΒ on a big screen so people could paint along with him. πŸ˜€ If you’ve never watched one of his videos, here’s the link to his channel!Β My sib’s paintings turned out very cool!!! And everyone had a goofy, good time painting “happy little trees”! lol

So that’s a cool option, or just paint whatever, like some of the people decided to do. πŸ˜‰ A painting party would be so fun, right??!! I hope I’ve inspired you to do some “art-ing”!

Do you paint? Share a link to your work so we can looky!! πŸ˜€

Will you try hosting a painting party for your siblings/friends?

We are definitely going to be doing this again. πŸ˜€


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15 thoughts on “how to have a frugal painting party!

        1. lol “A lot of blobs on paper” πŸ˜‚ You brave girl, a sunset sounds really challenging to make! Oh neat! I’ve never painted with watercolor before, I used acrylic, but I want to try sometime. (:

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    1. Thanks! ❀
      Aw coolness!! Do you play instruments? (musical notes are like my most favorite thing to draw/decorate with right now xD) I'm so happy you liked this idea, hope it inspired you!!

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