how our entire family went to a movie with The Family Fun Fund

As a big family with little income, us kids decided to raise some extra money in any ways we could for doing fun things as a family!

Back when we lived in the country we would walk down our gravel logging road with trash bags and gloves, collecting cans and plastic bottles. On the next day-trip into town, we would recycle them for 5c each, adding those little bits of cash to a jar on our kitchen table. And the “Family Fun Fund” was born!

Once we used the fund to buy ice cream for a family just-because celebration.

Another time we used it for gasoline to go see some friends who lived hours away.

And recently we used the fund to all go see a movie together!


A few months ago the younger girls decided to start up the Family Fun Fund again. They set up a table in their room and put together a store of bulk candy and little things the rest of us made or donated like notebooks, card games, etc. One person’s trash might be another person’s treasure, right?

They marked up the candy slightly and put prices on the other things. The most expensive thing they sold was only $1.50!

Fun Fact: Anna bought 82 gumballs.

Another Fun Fact: Yes, her jaw hurt by the time they were all chewed. XD

In just two days they raised more than enough for our family movie outing!!

excited, cold, rained-on, and loving family time!

Then we found a discount theater near us that only costs $1.50 per person on Tuesdays, and BAM! A special family movie night for $13.50 total! All because of being creatively ‘poor’ and making a Family Fun Fund. πŸ™‚

Have you ever seen a movie together as a family? Will you try a Family Fun Fund? Just set a goal, grab an empty jar, and start saving your coins!


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12 thoughts on “how our entire family went to a movie with The Family Fun Fund

  1. Ooh great idea! Wow! That’s really nice! The cheapest theater around where I live is $3.00 per ticket, and it’s the older one. We go very occasionally and often just some of us will go,

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  2. WE HAVE A FAMILY FUN JAR!!!!! We aren’t big into theater or movies, but we’ve used it for other things! Love the picture of you all “excited, cold, rained on, and and loving family-time.” You’re family is awesome!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ooh nice idea! We actually see movies as a family pretty often (there’s only four of us) but this seems like a lot of fun. What are all your siblings’ names?


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