we loved doing the 5 Fast Hairstyles challenge with you!!

On Saturday we promised a wrap-up post to the 5 Fast Hairstyles Challenge and… it never came that day. XD But with good reason…

When weekend family-hangouts, cleaning and cleaning, and general BUSYNESS take over… well, blog doesn’t happen. 😉 So now we’re back to end this cool challenge AND share a vlog!!

Copy of story saturday 2

We challenged you to try a new, fast hairstyle every day of that school week!

We started planning the challenge “5 Fast Hairstyles for Your School Week” the month after starting our blog back in August, and then finally decided to dive in and do it October 15-19.

We threw together a quick sneak peek/sum-up of the five hairstyles…


Thank you girls sooo much for your participation.

We loved getting all your comments, questions, and feedback!!

It was absolutely mindblowing and exciting to know you were actually coming back to try the next day’s hairstyle! And we enjoyed getting to interact with you in the comments all week about how they worked in your hair, what your favorite style was, and even random fun things. 🙂

+ we even found a new favorite style!

Untitled design (6)
tag-teaming braiding M’s hair for the double-braided buns style on Day 5

We had WAAY too much fun taking pictures of the styles we tried and hunting down useful tutorials and then posting them early each day so ya’ll could do the styles too!

And if you had seen us Saturday, you would have laughed…

four of us sisters wore piggy knots for house-cleaning! We announced that you weren’t allowed to clean without them. lol Our brother was all happy about that… until we quickly made an exception for him. 😛

Just-for-fun silly pics behind Day 5 😉

Left: Selfie with side-kick Bee. We were laughing at something but no idea what!! lol

Right: Pearl found out the pumpkin prop fit perfectly between M’s piggy knot hairstyle. 😛

Copy of story saturday 2 (1)

If you missed it, you can still look back at the post series and accept our challenge this week… or whenever really! 😀 Thanks again, and happy hair-doing!

Tell us what your favorite of the five styles is!


why do we sign off our joint posts with “PerAnna”? find out here!


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10 thoughts on “we loved doing the 5 Fast Hairstyles challenge with you!!

  1. Loved this, so glad you guys did this!!! ❤ 😀 Yes, Saturdays, I like, NEVER blog because of that same reason!! LOL, cleaning, family activities, or sometimes other activities. 😛 Thanks for always having such fun posts!!! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, terrific! 😄 ❤ We're thrilled you people followed along and enjoyed the hair series soo much!
      Haha fist bump for busy, non-blogging Saturdays!! We learned our lesson not to promise a post on the weekend like that XD Lol
      Thanks for commenting!!

      Liked by 1 person

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